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The 7 Levels of Thought


As you know, our minds can often be very loud. As this shift of consciousness unfolds and causes more of the "who we are not" to come to the surface and move out of us, understanding the steps or levels through which our thoughts move may be helpful to manage them. We move toward better mastering each of our thoughts, every emotion, every action, every moment. There are thoughts on many levels of volume, from the perfect silence of knowledge to the screaming and quarreling inner voice. Although there are many levels or layers of thought, let's keep this simple and talk about the seven distinctive levels that are accessible to all of us.

As we do this, please do not imagine these planes as rigid lines. There is a flow and movement between the different levels. The river from one level to the next is like watching the progress of dawn. For example, you can not distinguish 6:30 am from 6:32 am by looking to the sky. The sun rises and the sky flows from the darkness into the light. Just before dawn was approaching. The sun is shining now.

First level of thought

The first level of thought is the one we just talk to without much thought about what we say. We see it every day: the man at the airport who just blurts out with his meaningless comments. The woman who chatters as if she has no filters. Two minutes later, they do not remember what they talked about. A person functioning on this level of thought is generally unconscious of being unconscious, and commits their day in a state of responsiveness rather than consciously and intentionally. Those who are not spiritually awake live here. And those who are more awake and more conscious of themselves may still find themselves at this level of thought. If you are at this level of thought, you may want to become more aware of it. When you make unnecessary comments, be aware that you are contributing to gossip or a conversation that is noisy. As you become more aware of this level of thought, you will quickly begin not to engage in unconscious chatter. You will make a better choice on how to present yourself and what level of thoughts you want to live in.

Second level of thought

This is the level where you have conversations or arguments with others in your head. You roll the situation back and forth in your mind as in the right / wrong / in the wrong / hurt you were. You scold the other person for being wrong / offensive / hurtful / stupid. Guilt and reproach live here. Likewise, hostility and revenge. All of these thoughts can sometimes be very, very loud and consuming. Though not stated, this level of thought is also related to telepathy and clairaudience, because this conversation you are making in your mind is very real at the moment, and it is actually happening. Whether the person stands beside you or is a thousand miles away, the conversation takes place. On an energetic level, this person can feel the energy that you are directed against them. This is also the level where you really want to insult the person standing in front of you: "You fool / dumbass / idiot," but instead you smile friendly and continue arguing with her in your head. Like the first level of thought, it has a great deal of inner movement in it. In both levels you are "going there", taken up by the situation, not resting.

Third level of thought

This third level is where you imagine things, strategies and problems
solves. There is still a bit of movement and an inner conversation that goes back and forth. There is still a degree of commitment and emotional attachment here.
"I tried three different things and I know the next try will not work either. How can I solve this computer problem before the deadline? "
"Okay, I said hello to her, but she did not see me. What do I do next to make her aware of me? "
"What does this sign mean there? It looks so interesting. "Although this level is not as screaming and intense as the first two, there is still a bit of undisciplined focus here. Your mind jumps around in an attempt to find an answer. The answer is sought outwards instead of taking a breath, becoming calm and allowing the answer to reveal itself to you.

Fourth level of thoughts

This level is a place that I will call thoughtful. It is curious to be and to sit back without being taken up by a situation. This is the first level of thought where we do not engage, do not invest. Curious: "I wonder how that works." Or "Where did that come from?" Or "What
interesting possibility. "There is no emotional attachment, no judgment and no anticipation of answers or possibilities. You often reach this level of ease when you are not stressed or driven; if there are few external demands on you right now. Maybe the thought will pop up in you: "Well, maybe it's time to consider resettling. I wonder where I would like to live. "This is a question that has no definite answer.
The question leaves all results open. The answer appears where the carefree question is asked. All you have to do is allow this and not "move" away from your mind to seek the answer. The answer and the wandering thoughts that surround them then come into your awareness of the vast field of possibilities: "So if I'm going to Portland, Oregon, I'll have that and experience, but if I go to Tokyo, I will that experience, and then of course I could go to Perth in Australia. "The process unfolds on its own, and you just watch this process from a place of
neutral curiosity. In this level of thought, someone can say to you, "Have you thought of Boulder in Colorado?", And you are open enough to consider it without rejecting or denouncing the possibility. No opinion. Curious.
Try it. Feel the difference - and let us know what you discover.

Fifth level of thought

This is the first level where things really start to get creative and quiet. Here your consciousness naturally and organically begins to gather many of the wandering, curious parts, combining them with your deeper, unconscious aspects, and beginning to organize them in a way that makes you much more aware, focused, and capable with your inherent wisdom ,
This level takes the curious interest of the fourth level (the field of possibilities) and brings it to your mental workbench to structure it and make it real as a possibility. This does not happen through more reflection or greater concentration, but through greater peace, allowing, silence and trust. Here, "I wonder where I want to move" unfolds to "Yes, Boise Idaho feels right, right, and good," with no effort, worry, or exploration.

Living in this plane is magical, though it's not magic. It is inspired. Many artists and authors create when they are in this plane. The creative process flows easily, and the book is written by itself.

Sixth level of thought

This level is similar to grand meditation, where you spend three hours in silence
sitting comfortably and thinking, "That's so good, I do not want to get up." It's this extremely quiet place where deeper areas of awareness become accessible to you. You start to think without thinking (or even better: to exist). This happens because you are in the knowledge areas of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

You begin to have conscious access to the size that you are. In this room, you begin to get a sense of your power as a very positive word, from your presence, and what you are capable of. You come into contact with your ability to think, and you do things without the influence or purpose of others. Here is a thought thought for the first time.
Here the rays of creation truly begin to be used for all
Forming and transforming possibilities without any restrictions.

Although no thought is thought in words, everything comes to you effortlessly. It is this level where much of the practice of Level 3 (Mastering Alchemy programs) is experienced. You begin to play in a time frame of the fifth dimension, where time and space and gravity function differently than they are understood in the third dimension.

Alchemy begins to unfold here, where you reorder the frequencies of thought,
the vibrations of matter change and the elements of love in such a way and
Apply the way that you rearrange the molecules to your conditions and begin producing promptly and simultaneously whatever you desire.
Can you do that right now? The answer is yes - but not if the noise of the first three levels of thought is your habit. As you play with it and gain experience in building more templates, more platforms from which you can create more structures to live your life, you live most of your day in this fifth and sixth levels. Then you can do what is necessary to allow more light to enter your body. You can build the unified field of consciousness that becomes one with this field of possibilities.

In this space, you begin to recognize your self as the soul, fully integrated into the creative, universal spirit of the Creator. Perfectly aware - it is attainable at this moment, and you are acting and living in the sixth level of thought.

Seventh level of thought

The seventh level of thought is not definable. There are no words to describe them. It is the level where the thought that has thought you exist and you think with each other. If I had to approach a definition, I could say, this is the level where you have a relationship with your soul. This may be unimaginable to you. Your soul has so much to do with your creation; the Creator created you, but your soul also created you.

And when your soul, in the higher creator aspect, and you begin to think together in the unified field, you are no longer a being of the third dimension. You then begin to consciously play in the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. Here you are a resident of these dimensions.

At this point, you will not have a physical body as you know it now, but a version of the Lightbody. He may also be physical. The light body is now within reach of each of us, but to create that light body, these vast levels of light must be brought into that form by the mental and emotional bodies. And these bodies are where we hold resistance, hostility etc. of the third dimension.
This is the place where the ugly thoughts, ugly emotions are at home. The predominant purpose of this shift of consciousness is that you become aware of being conscious, aware, aware, and integrate enough light into your mental and emotional body, to the point where you do not have those ugly thoughts and emotions, these Reactions and resistances. When you can clear that energy from your emotional and mental body, you can begin to play thoughts on the sixth and seventh levels.

You will begin to transform the density of your physicality from a dense carbon body that does not absorb light to one of the crystalline nature of light that will allow a very significant transformation of your physical body. This possibility exists now. It is now feasible and this is what we are aiming for with this work.

This is our goal.

This is what begins to happen in this seventh level of thought, but what I have just described does not nearly describe what is possible. And we are about to find these words.

In the meantime, I hope this has helped you to get a better feel for these levels, and that I have created a structure that gives you more stability and helps you become more and more aware of your inner processes. By doing so, as you become the quieter observer of your thoughts and patterns, the noise will decrease. A silence of understanding and knowledge will prevail. And THAT is exactly the direction that humanity is heading You are at the head of the race. You are big and important and have a lot to contribute. And now is the time to recognize yourself.
May you experience laughter and silence on your way home.

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Insights to Ponder

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Permission is the opposite of the doubt. If we allow everything without control, the doubt can not exist. On the other hand, if we hold on to doubts, we do not really allow. If allowing can be compared to the accelerator pedal of our embodied enlightenment experience, then doubt is the brake.

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How does gratitude feel to you? Yes, take a moment and feel gratitude, right now. Continue reading after you have done that.

Well, how well have you managed to just feel the feeling of gratitude? The feeling of being right in your body? To feel the warmth, the happiness and the well-being of this feeling? A real fountain of youth for body, mind and soul.

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A poem by Charlie Chaplin on his 70th birthday (April 16, 1959), originally written by Kim McMillen:

When I started to love myself, I found that fear and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I'm living against my own truth. Today I know that's "AUTHENTICITY".

When I started to love myself, I understood how much it can offend someone when I try to force my desires on that person, even though I knew the time was not right and the person was not ready and although that person was me. Today I call it "RESPECT".

Twelve Signs of Your Awakening Divinity

Note by Petra Webstein: Having gone through these changes myself which are often just put down as menopausal changes, having experienced all the excruciating fear and anxiety about loss of what has been, what was close and dear to me, I found myself coming out at the other end not even richer than imagined but also seeing that everything that I was afraid to loose (and it seemed at times that I have lost it) has come back to me in a much more expanded, loving and unconditional way than I ever would have expected.

Is it worth it? Oh, yes, you bet it is to allow the process to happen graciously, courageously and in ease.

Ways to enjoy the chance

There is currently a change, a shift in progress, that affects every aspect of our reality in the third dimension. This change is so far-reaching that our limited imagination does not even begin to grasp the transition and change we are in at the moment. This change affects every aspect of life on our planet; political, social and economic structures, the environment, all institutions, the wars, how we see our relationships with others, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel. It changes time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional body, our beliefs, our perception of good and bad, right and wrong, and above all, our awareness of what's possible.

Alchemy and how to create heaven on earth

Alchemy is not magic, but it can produce wonderful and magical results. When you are attuned, alchemy is the universal wisdom that helps mental creations to become tangible reality. It is the science of spirituality. It is the dance that weaves universal elements in conscious form. Alchemy is the ability to turn one possibility into another.

Empathy - blessing or curse

What is empathy really and how does empathy work?

There are many people who do not understand what empathy is and how it works. Let us explain this with a small example.

The 7 Levels of Thought

As you know, our minds can often be very loud. As this shift of consciousness unfolds and causes more of the "who we are not" to come to the surface and move out of us, understanding the steps or levels through which our thoughts move may be helpful to manage them. We move toward better mastering each of our thoughts, every emotion, every action, every moment. There are thoughts on many levels of volume, from the perfect silence of knowledge to the screaming and quarreling inner voice. Although there are many levels or layers of thought, let's keep this simple and talk about the seven distinctive levels that are accessible to all of us.

Loneliness & Emptiness

Even though we are living in a world that is more networked than ever, the feelings or loneliness & emptiness seem to surface more and more often. It appears to be very difficult to face them head on and we have a mulitude of choices practically every second of our day to distract us from them.


Lately I had an opportunity to revisit the space of indifference and it felt like a great opportunity to find more clarity about it.

Indifferent is a quality that we often encounter in our lifes. People who show this trait appear to be strong and in control. It feels as if they are able to stay unattached, objective & nonchalant.  They are not swayed by emotions of others which is in itself a beautiful quality. However I might beg to differ as often they leave you with a feeling of coldness, lonelyness & rejection.

Your body is an important guide on your journey

Our body is an important tool on our way to a new dimension.

Many people practice meditation and experience wonderful worlds on these trips. They long to integrate these worlds into our physical world. However, often when people come back from their meditation, they feel comfortable, but this usually lasts only for a while, then it captures the outside world again and again.

Finding the peace within you

More and more I observe people who have always been very organized, that they lose their cords from their hands. They are jerky and they do not know each other anymore. They are afraid that they will lose everything if they do not stay close and make an effort.

In spiritual circles one often hears then to let everything flow simply, to give the reins. Yes, what does that really mean and how can we do that?

What others say...

" The purpose for creation is simply the joy. "
St. Germain